Rubies Costume Company Star Wars Bantha for Pets Review

Rubies Costume Company Star Wars Bantha for PetsASIN: B004UUE26O
Dimensions: 15x3x18 inches ; 4 ounces
Model number: PET20109XS
Customer Review: 3.6 215 customer reviews
Dimensions: 17x11x4 inches ; 48 ounces
Model number: RUB886583PET
Customer Review: 2.4 21 customer reviews

Product features

  • Your pet can join the fun with this officially licensed Star Wars costume
  • Bantha jacket with attached rider and headpiece
  • One size fits most medium size dogs, 15 Inch neck to tail and chest 17 Inch around
  • Look for Star Wars costumes and accessories in sizes and styles for the entire family
  • Hand wash or spot clean as needed

Product description

Now your favorite four-legged member of the family can join the fun. With a pet costume from Rubie’s, dogs will be ready for parades, parties, or just having fun. Rubie’s Costume Company has been creating costumes since 1950, of course they’d remember your pet.

Customer Reviews

J. Rowan
Good Star Wars costume for the mutt…
A nice costume for a mid-sized dog. Although it is adjustable, it needs to fit a little tightly otherwise the weight of the Tusken Raider will make it roll to the side. Also, it took a LOT of safety pins to get the Tusken to sit properly. Without them, he flops off the back or side.

Walter A Butkevich
A little more quality control and this could have been a fantastic costume.
Costume looks great but is advertised as a 1 size fits most. I have a Catahoula Leopard dog that weighs 75 pounds and the head piece will not fit. Also, the sand creature does not remain sitting upright but flops all over if my dog does anything but stand still.

Not sure what dog this would fit.
Super Cute Costume. Just wish it fit my dog. It is advertised for small medium and then large dogs, but comes as a one size fits all. The body piece would fit a Lab or similar in size dog, but the head piece is for a super small dog. I have a 32 lb Australian Cattle dog, and the head piece doesn’t fit (too small) and I am going to have to cut and rework the straps for the body piece. Really good quality, and super cute if it would fit.

Sun Frost
Super Cute and Easily Adjusted to Fit Small to Medium Size Dogs
I read all the reviews before buying, so I knew I would need to safety pin the costume to get it to fit. Once it arrived, I decided to safety pin the costume to my dog’s harness so that I could leave all the pins in place and be able to put the costume off and on, without undoing any of the pinning.My dog is a 16 pound Italian Greyhound and the cap was a little big on him and the chin straps were quite long, but this is ok, as I was able to safety pin the straps to make them fit. Now for the body piece – it is rather big on his smaller frame (he is barrel chested, but with a very narrow waist between his ribs and his haunches). The two back straps are velcro and I was able to completely encircle his waist so that the long straps looped all the way around his body, so that was easy. The two front straps had to be pinned to his harness.I added extra safety pins to the Tusken Raider to add stability to that fig and make it easier for it to stay upright on my dog’s bac.It all worked really well. The costume is super cheap (I paid $23 for mine) and with some safety pins and an extra 10 minutes, you should be able to make it work just fine.

I’m disappointed with this costume. Not b/c it’s not cute (I was really excited about it), but b/c the headpiece is made for a very small dog’s head, but the torso piece is way too big for my 40lb dog. Unless you have a small headed chubby dog, this probably won’t fit.

What dog is the made for??
The head on this costume is built for some undiscovered breed of dog..It is tiny and doesn’t fit properly or stay on..The body meanwhile, is enormous and my heeler that can normal wear a medium didn’t fit..We ended up giving it to a relative whose boxer fit into the body..She will have to reconstruct the head if she wants to use it though..

we will probably have to use safety pins to keep him sitting upright but the head piece looks like it was made for a chihuahua
I agree with most of the posts here, I am not sure what dog this is made for, I have a Yellow Lab and the rider is almost too big for her, we will probably have to use safety pins to keep him sitting upright but the head piece looks like it was made for a chihuahua, it is so small, and my dog has a pretty small head compared to her body but the head piece is not going to fit at all, I am going to have to either use a lot of safety pins to keep it on or I will have to sew some elastic to it so she can wear it like a headband.

Patricia Sarfert
Cute, but doesn’t fit right
Bought the size for a medium dog, as I have a King Charles Spaniel around 25 pounds. The part that goes around the body was ginormous and had to be pinned to stay on. The ear holes on the hat were so tine, I don’t think a chihuahua could get it’s ears through, much less a spaniel with big floppy ears. I was able to keep it on my dog long enough to take a picture, but it was impossible to keep it on him for more than a couple minutes without it falling off.

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