Halloween Food

halloween foodYou can’t have a Halloween party without plenty of Halloween food for all the ghosts and ghouls attending, right? Fortunately whipping up a bunch Halloween food goodies for your crew couldn’t be easier. All you need is a little time, the right ingredients and, faster than a zombie can mumble “Brains”, you’ve got a Halloween food spread you can be proud of.

The one Halloween food no self-respecting party can be without is snacks and appetizers. Dips, roll-ups, small sandwiches and more are essential for that scary gathering. After all, it’s hard work being terrifying! One of the easiest Halloween snacks to prepare are Zombie Cheese Fingers. All you need are some cheese sticks (preferably Mozzarella for that dead skin look), a bell pepper and some cream cheese. Take a paring knife and chop the pepper into largish, fingernail size chunks. Next, using the same knife, slash shallow, horizontal knuckle creases at the appropriate places on the cheese “fingers”. Finally, attach a pepper fingernail to the end of each finger using a dollop of cream cheese. Viola! You’ve got an an appropriately scary and delicious Halloween food snack.

The only other Halloween food that is absolutely, positively mandatory is dessert. After all, this is the day of trick or treat. Don’t trick your party guests by forgetting the sweet treats! One of the easiest of sweet treats is Wormy Dirt Cups. All you need are some snack pack puddings, a bag of Oreo cookies and some Gummy worms. The first thing you do is make “dirt” by crushing the Oreo cookies in a zip lock bag and then combining them with the pudding. Next you spoon the “dirt” mixture into cups. Finally, you garnish each dirt cup with a couple of delicious gummy worms. Nothing says Halloween more than a cup of dirt!

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