Halloween Decoration Ideas

halloween decoration ideasDecorating for Halloween is becoming more and more popular every year. While there’s always been an element of decoration associated with Halloween, in the past decade or so outdoor and indoor decorating has taken giant leaps forward. This is great news for all the Halloween decorators out there. Great decorations really can make or break that Halloween feel that we’ve all come to love.That’s why these Halloween decoration ideas are just the thing to pump up the pumpkin volume this coming scary season.

When thinking about Halloween decoration ideas, don’t forget the traditional trappings of the season. Pumpkins, scarecrows and cornstalks are still some of the best things about the Halloween season. So too, are the traditional colors of orange and black. Just because these decorations have been around for a while, doesn’t mean that they’ve lost their charm. In fact, pumpkins, scarecrows and cornstalks can make your Halloween decoration ideas pop, especially when they are creatively used as the backbone of any decorating scheme.

When it comes to pumpkins and Halloween decoration ideas, the bigger the better. Not only are bigger pumpkins easier to clean, they also provide more surface area to carve, This means you’ll have more room let creativity run wild when carving that ultimate jack o’lantern. Remember to exercise caution when carving. Better yet, use the tools provided in a pumpkin carving kit. They are safer than a knife and you’ll end up with a better end product.

Don’t forget to also investigate what’s new out there when considering Halloween decoration ideas. There’s a whole new world available to the Halloween decorator. From outdoor and indoor lights to props to animatronic figures, there’s no end to what you can do to make this Halloween the spookiest, most terrifyingly good time you and your family and friends have ever had.

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

outdoor halloween decorationsOutdoor Halloween Decorations have come a long way. Gone are the days when you’d stick a carved pumpkin outside and call it done. Today, the average Halloween ghost or ghoul has more outdoor decorating choices than you can shake a broomstick at. This is good news for all of us Halloween lovers, since nothing says All Hallow’s Eve more than a house decorated outside with lights, props, sounds, moving figures and more. In fact, when it comes to outdoor Halloween decorations, more is better and bigger is never enough.

One of the mainstays of outdoor Halloween decorations are lights. These outside lights come in a dizzying array of colors and shapes. You can choose from simple strands of orange or purple lights which can be draped or wrapped around trees, bushes, railing and eaves. These lights also come in varieties that blink. Either way, once night falls they go along way to making your place look like Halloween central. They set just the right spooky mood.

Another choice for outdoor Halloween decorations are props. Want to make a graveyard on your front lawn? No problem. A coffin on your porch? Consider it done. How about a body hanging from that tree? Done. All these things and more are available online to the savvy Halloween decorator. No longer do you have to stuff newspaper into that old pair of jeans and shirt in order to make a convincing scarecrow or dead body. Do a quick search online for “outdoor Halloween decorations” and you’ll see what I mean.

The great thing about outdoor Halloween decorations is that not only are they scary and impressive, they are green to boot. Yup. These decorations are environmentally friendly. That means you can have a scary, fun-filled Halloween and do Mother Earth a favor at the same time. Now that’s a trick that’s also a treat.

Halloween Lights

halloween lightsLights, in one form or another, have always been a part of the Halloween tradition. Back in the day, the lights were mostly candles and bonfires. (Everyone remembers the glow of a candle in a carved pumpkin. The smell of wood smoke and the flicker of firelight might remind some of a long ago Halloween weenie roast.) Today, the choice in Halloween lights is better than ever. So go ahead and light some candles, but don’t forget to check out the other available forms of Halloween lighting.

One of the more popular, contemporary choices for Halloween decorating are stranded lights. These lights come in various lengths and appropriate seasonal colors. (Orange and purple are popular.) They can be used indoors or outdoors and are a great “backbone” for any Halloween decorating scheme.

Another lighting choice also that also utilizes strands of lights are lanterns. In this case, each light is enclosed in a plastic sconce which is illuminated when the lights are plugged in. The sconces come in a wide variety of shapes, from pumpkins to skulls to candy corn and more. The effect of these lanterns are really quite unique. They really set the mood for any Halloween party or gathering.

A third choice of Halloween lights are what is known as “special effect” lighting. One example of this type of lighting is the strobe light. Strobe lights are used indoors or outdoors, often in conjunction with some kind of haunted house decorating theme. Because they are special effect lights, a stobe should be used sparingly and with caution. The rapidly blinking effects it produces can be very disorienting to visitors and guests.

Many Halloween lights are available in an energy saving LED format. This is good news for all involved since having fun on Halloween doesn’t mean we get to ignore our environmental responsibilities.

Halloween Animatronics

halloween animatronicsDecorating for Halloween used to mean carving a pumpkin. Some people might go step further and stuff and old pair of pants and a shirt with newspaper or straw to make a scarecrow. Other people might put out some bales of hay or a bundle of corn stalks. There wasn’t much other choice beyond these traditional Halloween decorations. Today, that has all changed. The modern Halloween aficionado has a frightening amount of choices when it comes to decorating. One of the best of these choices are Halloween animatronics.

What are Halloween animatronics? Well, the word animatronics describes any figure that uses mechanics to simulate some kind of lifelike movement. So, Halloween animatronics are simply Halloween themed figures that move. Think moving mummies, zombies or witches that move and you’ve got the right idea.

So maybe you’re thinking “What’s the big deal?”. The big deal is that when it comes to Halloween decorating, animatronics are huge! More and more people are using these moving figures to spice up their house and parties during the Halloween season. You have to see one of these figures in action to really appreciate the creepy effect.

One of the biggest uses of Halloween animatronics is in outdoor decorating. Sure you could decorate your front yard with a bunch of static, old hat, Halloween stuff. Yawn. Now imagine you yard filled with a gaggle of scary witches stirring a smoking cauldron. How about a decrepit mummy emerging from an old tomb? Now picture a horde of flesh eating zombies hiding behind some bushes. You’re starting to see the potential, right?

There are Halloween animatronics for indoor use. as well. They are the same as the outdoor decoration only scaled down for inside fun. Think about those witches or that mummy I mentioned a moment ago, only now they are the centerpiece for a table of goodies at your next Halloween party. I think you’ll agree that inside or out, Halloween animatronics are a smart decorating choice this All Hallows Eve.

Halloween Props

halloween propsHalloween props are a great way to make this Halloween the scariest one ever! Let’s face it, he world of Halloween decorations has come a long way from the days of a pumpkin and a scarecrow. Today’s Halloween decorator has a multitude of frightening choices at his or her fingertips. Halloween props are among the best of those decorating choices.

The word prop is short for the word property. A property, or prop, was an object used by an actor or actress on stage, or on camera, during a play or the filming of a movie. The object was the property of the theater group or movie studio. The prop helped convince the audience of the reality of the drama they were watching. In this sense, Halloween props are similar, since they help convince your visitors and guests of the utterly terrifying fun they’ll experience at your next Halloween party.

Halloween props take many forms. They can be figures, lights, scary objects or special effects. In fact, they can even be lighted figures! One of the most popular props for Halloween is a figure of a witch or jack o’lantern made entirely of of orange or purple LED lights strung on a wire frame. These figures have an appropriately spooky effect when placed in a front yard or on a porch and illuminated after dark.

Another popular Halloween prop is a smoke or fog machine. This type of prop can be used indoors, as well as outdoors, since the “smoke” it produces is actually a non-toxic, environmentally friendly mist effect. When combined with the right lighting and sound effects, a smoke machine can be an effective decorating addition to any Halloween party.

So this Halloween don’t be stuck with a pumpkin and scarecrow. Expand your decorating horizons by using Halloween props to make your house or party the talk of the town.

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